Artistic forging


All products presented in our workshop, performed only from high-quality and proven materials.

Reasonable price

We have our own production, so we can offer You the best value for money.

High-class blacksmiths

Thanks to the many years of experience of our blacksmiths, they will be able to realize the most complex forged elements for Your interior.

Modern equipment

We use modern approaches, equipment and materials, carefully preserving the centuries-old traditions of blacksmithing.

Unique project

Our artists are able to surprise you by bringing to life any, even the most daring ideas and ideas.

Delivery to any part of the World

We carry out orders from all regions of Russia and the world. The time and cost of delivery is calculated individually.

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Art Forge

For many years we have been working on creating great blacksmith products. Production of forged items is the main activity of the workshop. Over the years, we have accumulated vast experience in metal processing, mastered complex techniques that allow us to reveal the fullness of the creative idea of any customer. We work with leading architects, construction companies and individuals. We will create for You a work of art that will become an object of pride and a true decoration of your home.

Designer consultation

If you need a consultation, you can always call us and we will give detailed answers to your questions, help you decide on the choice of style, artistic and constructive solutions.

forged products Catalog

Here we have collected for You the best samples of creations to give You the opportunity to explore fashion trends and elegant solutions of high-class blacksmiths of different times. We hope that our site will help you in your search.

Features of hand-made products

Hand hot forging, coining and casting in architecture and design have always been very popular. The greatest value in them is the special vision of the author working on the project. Here there is a direct dependence of the quality of the creative and order execution on the level of the master. In order to implement an idea that claims to be a masterpiece of blacksmithing, the author’s group must include professional artists and sculptors. We have them.

We are able to implement almost any individual concept:

In our works forged steel is beautifully complemented by the use of various natural materials such as wood, stone and glass.

If you have a ready-made sketch, you can order a similar product or contact us, and our designers will develop the perfect design project together with you. After that, the blacksmiths will bring it to life.

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