Кованые перила Адмирал

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Vendor code: ОК-20

Classic style metal stair railing

The metal railings with a wooden handrail and a twisted invitation post are made in the English style. Their uniqueness is in beautiful lattices decorated with curls and a cable imitating an aiguillette and pillar supports in the form of leather straps. Elegant and at the same time giving off importance, they become a real decoration of the stairs. The wooden top is the logical answer to the beautiful oak steps with a noble texture.

The blacksmiths and artists of the Art Forge will create your own masterpiece of blacksmithing art for you.

Style: Classicism

Production: by hand hot forging. The assembly is done by welding and rivets.

Material: rolled steel, oak.

For indoor use: varnish for metal, patina
Outdoor: Galvanized, acidic primer, two-component resin modified epoxy paint, patina

Manufacturing time: From 4 weeks
Guarantee period: 20 years
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