Wrought iron gates of Alexandrovsky

Императорские кованые ворота
Императорские кованые ворота

Price: from 3560$ per sq.m.

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World famous gate

The famous front gate of the Winter Palace, made at the San Galli factory according to the design of Fyodor Melzer, is a striking masterpiece of blacksmithing art. An incredibly harmonious and very rich pattern consisting of many curls, flowers, leaves, volutes and other elements attracts attention. Gilded eagles and imperial monograms became dominants and excellent decoration.

With the help of Art Forge artists, you can reproduce your own interpretation of the famous palace gates.

Style: Baroque Rastrelli

Products are created by the hands of the best blacksmiths by hot forging and minting, installed by experienced fitters and equipped with automation.

Material: steel rolled metal, profile pipe, strip, sheet, square and circle. Cast iron parts.
The assembly is carried out on clamps, rivets, welding and locksmith threaded connections.

Galvanized, two-component acid primer and marine enamel.

Manufacturing time: From 14 weeks
Guarantee period: 20 years
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