Avignon bed

Кованая кровать Авиньон

Price: from 3400$ per piece

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Vendor code: КОК-5

Mixed wrought iron bed

Forged steel bed, made in the interweaving of Baroque and light Provence patterns. At first glance, it is a lightweight construction made of a special frame, headboard and footboard. However, the accuracy of the forging, curls with smooth clamps speaks of a complex technological process that must be followed during its production. An item with a magnificent blacksmith’s pattern will fit well interiors with classic and modern Provencal style.

Especially for you, the masters of the Art Forge can repeat this work in exact accordance or a new interpretation.

Style: Provence

The products are entirely made by the best blacksmiths. The frame is assembled from a shaped tube, the backs are forged from steel rolled metal. The assembly is carried out using welding equipment and threaded connections.
Painting is carried out with two-component paints from leading manufacturers. At the end, patina is applied.

Manufacturing time: from 21 days
Guarantee period: 10 years
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