Author’s forged gates


Price: from 1596$ per sq.m.

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Vendor code: ВК-42

A wonderful lattice, as if taking us to a secluded corner of a fabulous rose garden. The ornament of the gate imitates decorative trellises, along which thin and graceful, skillfully made climbing roses twine. Light and playful pattern cheers up, gives a feeling of joy and celebration. Our artists and craftsmen will prepare a project and make your own piece of blacksmithing art for you.

Style: Author's

Products are created by hands of experienced blacksmiths by hot forging and embossing, laser cutting is also used. Installation of automation is possible.
Material: steel rolled metal, profile pipe, strip, sheet, square and circle.
The assembly is done by welding using clamps, rivets and fittings.
Galvanized, acid primer, patinated, industrial two-component systems.

Manufacturing time: from 6 weeks
Guarantee period: 8 years
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