Balcony Black Griffin


Price: from 1680$ per r.m.

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Vendor code: БК-9

An expressive wrought-iron balcony with two cast griffins on cast-iron pillars. The piece adorns the historic façade of a house on the island of Crete, which belongs to Greece.
Ancient high-class craft work, performed in the best traditions of forging and artistic casting. Our designers and craftsmen will create a cool project based on this composition. Complex and interesting tasks are to our liking.
Suitable solution for decorating mansions, large country residences and clubs.

Style: Renaissance

Fences are made by blacksmiths of the highest category. The balcony pattern is forged from solid steel rolled metal.
The structure is assembled using welded and threaded joints, clamps and rivets.
Galvanizing, special enamels and paints for metal. Patination.

Manufacturing time: From 30 days
Guarantee period: 12 years
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