Forged balcony Holly


Price: from 1680$ per r.m.

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Vendor code: БК-47

Lovely French balcony in neoclassical style. An interesting but discreet ornament is a wonderful example of laconic nobility. The twisted bars of the lattice add showiness without introducing unnecessary details. An unusual, textured treatment attracts attention, giving the pattern a resemblance to twigs or stems of a fabulous plant. This feature, which is more inherent in modernity, becomes the highlight of the product, adds originality and freshness.
Our designers and blacksmiths will prepare a project based on this work, suitable for the architecture of your home.
A wonderful choice for the decoration of mansions, houses, private residences.

Style: Neoclassic

Fences are created by the best craftsmen, followed by installation by qualified installers.
The assembly of the structure is carried out on clamps and rivets, using welded and threaded connections.
Zinc, acid primer, two-component enamels. Patination.

Manufacturing time: from 4 weeks
Guarantee period: 8 years
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