Balcony wrought iron Star


Price: from 1760$ per r.m.

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Vendor code: БК-67

Luxurious wrought iron fence is located in Spain, made in the Art Nouveau style. The whimsical ornament looks like many stars, and the balcony itself is complemented by lush curls. The designers and craftsmen of our creative workshop will prepare for you an individual project in a similar style. This balcony is perfect for a country house.

Style: Modern

The fences are manufactured by experienced professionals. Filling is made from a solid bar and strip of different sections, sheet metal.
The structure is assembled by means of welding, clamps, rivets and fitter’s threaded connections.
Galvanized, two-component enamels and paints. Patina.

Manufacturing time: from 4 weeks
Guarantee period: 10 years
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