Balcony Municipal House in Prague


Price: from 2100$ per r.m.

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Vendor code: БК-15

An incredible lattice that is a worthy decoration for a masterpiece of Prague architecture, the Municipal or Public House. The intricate soft lines characteristic of Art Nouveau are emphasized by powerful, deliberately exposed metal structures. The noble combination of oxidized copper color and gilding looks bright and solemn.
Our craftsmen will be happy to make for you an original product inspired by this theme.
An excellent solution for decorating multi-apartment club houses of small storeys.

Style: Modern

Fences are made by blacksmiths of the highest category. The drawing is created from a solid bar and strip of different sections, sheet metal
The structure is assembled using welded and threaded joints, clamps and rivets.
Galvanized zinc, special enamels and paints for metal. Patination

Manufacturing time: from 3 months
Guarantee period: 10 years
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