Кованая трость Бэйцзы

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Forged walking stick in oriental style

Exclusive forged walking stick, made by a blacksmith, artist of the creative workshop Art Forge Mikhail Slavin. The rod is forged from a solid round steel bar with periodic expansion of the protrusions that imitate the structure of a bamboo stem. The middle part is made with a torsion technique. The center seams are decorated with riveted clamps. Grinding and polishing was carried out using our own technologies. The knob is classic, in the form of a cone.

The style of the product reminds of the special flavor of China. The durability of the item will allow it to serve its owner for many years.

Style: Oriental

For creation, the method of manual hot forging, turning and milling was used.

To obtain a protective decorative film on the surface, oxidation is applied. Blacksmith paints and patina can also be used.

Manufacturing time: from 7 days
Guarantee period: 5 years
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