Кованые ограждения
Кованые ограждения

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Vendor code: ОК-19

Wrought iron stair railing

Magnificent railings with a spiral section and a balustrade. The composition of the lattice is built in strict accordance with the rule of the golden section, each line of which repeats the perfect patterns of nature. Each metal bar is forged along its entire length, a guy is made, then the ideal shape of the ornament is cast. The acanthus pattern is densely covered with minted leaves, and the center of the spiral is decorated with a hand-made forged flower. These railings will give any home or hotel a unique look.

Art Forges will design, discover and install your own piece of art.

Style: Baroque, Rococo

The fencing consists of a steel filling decorated with acanthus leaves and large flowers. Assembly is done by welding. Material: steel, wood.
For indoor use: Finnish two-component bases and paints
Outdoor: Galvanized, acid primer and marine enamel

Manufacturing time: From 3 weeks
Guarantee period: 10 years
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