Flower Girl Seven Roses


Price: from 2040$ per piece

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Vendor code: ЦК-2

Handmade flower girl

A beautiful handmade flower girl, the design of which can be called a real example of hand-made blacksmiths. The product is made of round timber of a small section with the illusion of carelessness of twisting the curls, simple forged legs and decorative staples and forged balls. In the center of the composition there is a minted image of a vase with a bouquet of red roses with green leaves. This is the case when painted forged flowers with leaves look perfect. In the inner part of the metal frame there is a long rectangular pot.
Take a closer look at this metal product. It can fit perfectly into the facade of your home.

Style: Provence

The elements of the metal structure are made by hot forging and assembled by welding and clamps.
Galvanized, two-component primer and industrial enamel.

Manufacturing time: from 2 weeks
Guarantee period: 7 years
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