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Price: from 1500$ per sq.m.

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Designer railings

Interesting designer railings, shaped like oak branches, will add individuality and harmony of nature to your interior. They are the perfect embodiment of a bold and eccentric idea. The unusual nature of the fence immediately attracts attention, an additional effect is created by painting and scrupulous study of details. This work was created by the works of Polish blacksmiths and is located in a guest house in the city of Zakopane.
Our designers and craftsmen can create for you a similar masterpiece of blacksmithing art.

Style: Author's

The railings are made by hand hot forging. The assembly is carried out by means of welding, clamps and rivets.
Material: rolled steel.
Metal paints and patina from European manufacturers.

Manufacturing time: from 1 month
Guarantee period: 10 years
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