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Price: from 748$ per sq.m.

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Vendor code: КРК-3

Wrought iron porch rail

A beautiful hand-forged porch. It is based on the classic style with its characteristic lush foliage, curls, flowers and medallions. In detail, the image of the fences resembles the stair railings of the Small Palace in Paris. The pillars are richly decorated with acanthus leaves. The blacksmith’s texture combined with the patina makes the surface pattern unique and quite harmonious. The lattice is designed in a single composition.
We can create for you an exclusive project of the entrance group, which will be a great addition to the decoration of the facade of the house.

Style: Baroque

Fencing structures are made by hot forging elements followed by welding and assembly. Fastening with anchors and screws. Material: Steel. Sheet, round and square rolled metal products.
Galvanized zinc, acid zinc primer and marine enamel. Patination.

Manufacturing time: from 15 days
Guarantee period: 7 years
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