Forged visor Flora


Price: from 1764$ per sq.m.

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Vendor code: КК-18

The original design visor cannot go unnoticed. The abundance of details is amazing. The central medallion contains the image of two sturgeons, surrounded by intricate curls, as well as masterly executed vines. Massive at the bottom, the supporting pillars are decorated with an unusual diamond-shaped element, and then turn into a delicate, graceful pattern.
Our masters will help you become the owner of an exact copy or author’s interpretation of this composition.

Style: Author's

The frame and ornaments of the decorative canopy are handcrafted by experienced professionals. Forging details are used as decoration.
The assembly is carried out for welding. Installation depending on the attachment point, mainly by means of a fitter’s screw connection.
Special industrial primer and enamel. Patination.

Manufacturing time: from 1 month
Guarantee period: 10 years
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