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Price: from 2840$ per piece

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Vendor code: ЛБК-2

Wrought iron chandelier

A wrought iron chandelier in the style of decorative lighting of medieval castles. Light sources in the form of electric incandescent lamps, LED or fluorescent bulbs are located on one ring in the amount of 6 pieces. The number can be changed depending on the required size of the product. The cartridges are fastened to metal tubes attached to the frame with steel rivets. A blacksmith’s texture is applied to the entire surface of the lighting object.
This solution is perfect for the interior of premises made in the European castle style of the Middle Ages. We can repeat this work in exact accordance or with arbitrary changes.

Style: Romanesque

the lamp is made by hand hot forging from steel. Copper and brass can be used. The cable is hidden, the components and their installation meet all modern electrical safety standards.
Metal varnish application.

Manufacturing time: from 3 weeks
Guarantee period: 5 years
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