Dragon head

Кованая ручка Дракон

Price: from 400$ per piece

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Vendor code: КФ-5

Forged handle in original design

An iron handle forged by an experienced blacksmith. Made in the European style of the Renaissance. As the central plot of the piece of art, two dragon heads can be distinguished, letting out a neat tongue of flame. The swirl ring, clamps, sun in the background and hammer texture make the product a self-sufficient decorative element.

A striking solution from the masters of Art Forge for thematic commercial objects of the catering and hospitality sector, located on the tourist routes of historical cities. Also in the catalog you can choose forged furniture fittings.

Style: Renaissance

The hardware is handcrafted by highly skilled metalworkers. Material: steel square, circle, sheet. Copper or brass can be used.
Oxidation followed by application of clear varnish.

Manufacturing time: from 7 days
Guarantee period: 10 years
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