Spanish Baroque


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A very beautiful blacksmith’s lantern for street lighting in a classic style. This elegant piece is located on the corner of a house in the Spanish city of Valencia. The blacksmiths of Spain were often trendsetters in artistic forging. This work is considered one of the examples of high-class craftsmen fulfilling orders to create masterpieces from forged metal. The arm, printed along the entire length, is decorated with an iron ribbon imitation fabric and numerous curls and leaves. The lamp has been worked out in great detail.
Such a solution will fit well into the exterior of buildings built in the traditions of classical architecture. We can repeat this work in exact accordance or our own interpretation.

Style: Baroque

The lighting fixture is made by hand hot forging from steel. Copper and brass can be used.
Electroplated galvanizing followed by painting with two-component systems.

Manufacturing time: from 19 days
Guarantee period: 10 years
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