Fireplace set Peacock


Price: from 2840$ per piece

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Forged fireplace set in the shape of a peacock sitting on a branch, in the form of which the stand is made. The set includes a scoop for cleaning ash, a poker, tongs and a brush. This set not only carries a functional purpose, but also serves as a decorative decoration for the fireplace area in the living room.
Such art products are created by experienced blacksmiths artists who have experience in working with metal sculpture.

Style: Author's

In the manufacture of steel rolled metal products are used, technologies and methods of hot forging and minting are used. The assembly is carried out using welding, locksmith joints and the traditional forging method with rivets and clamps. After that, anti-corrosion surface treatment, painting and patina are performed.

Manufacturing time: From 24 days
Guarantee period: 5 years
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