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A table created in an organic collaboration of our best blacksmiths with cabinetmakers. The forged underframe is made in the simulated roughness of blacksmith’s work, manifested in the application of the texture inherent in the medieval Romanesque style. At the same time, at its core, it is a real American. Steel posts and brackets, forged into round shapes. Clamps, wedges and protruding rivets are added as decoration. The wooden footboard follows the circle in an artistic relationship to the metal details. It is desirable to use hardwoods: walnut, oak, beech, cherry, elm, pear or birch. Beautiful in its minimalism, this item will adorn the interior of a study or meeting room.
Especially for you, we can repeat this work in exact accordance or our own interpretation.

Style: Loft

The products are handcrafted by experienced professionals. The underframe is forged from a solid bar. The assembly is carried out using welding equipment.
The painting is carried out with high-quality two-component paints of European manufacturers. Patination.

Manufacturing time: from 4 weeks
Guarantee period: 10 years
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