Forged cane


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A unique forged walking stick created by Mikhail Slavin, an experienced blacksmith of the Art Forge creative workshop. The rod is forged from a solid round steel bar with a small insert in the form of a faceted ball. The middle is neatly forged with a gradual taper. The joints of the parts are decorated with circular edging. Grinding and polishing was carried out using our own technologies. The handle is the most common hook shape.
The style of the product, at first glance, resembles a pensioner’s cane. However, her gracefulness and weight quickly dispel this feeling. The item will serve its owner for many years.

Style: Classical

For creation, the method of manual hot forging was used. One hundred percent blacksmith work.
To obtain a protective decorative film on the surface, oxidation is applied. Professional varnishes and paints can also be used.

Manufacturing time: from 3 days
Guarantee period: 10 years
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