Wrought Iron Porch New York


Price: from 760$ per sq.m.

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Vendor code: КРК-8

Wonderful forged solution in a combination of Baroque and Gothic styles. The unique porch combines lush curls, monograms, intricate patterns on the columns of the fence, all this gives a mysterious and enigmatic image to the work. With this porch, your cottage will have the most luxurious look. The designers and craftsmen of our creative workshop will help you become the owner of a replica or interpretation of this work.

Style: Eclecticism

The enclosing structures are made by hot forging of parts, followed by welding and assembly. Fastening with anchors and screws. Material: steel, tubular and massive rolled metal.
Galvanized zinc, acid zinc primer and marine enamel. Patination.

Manufacturing time: from 6 weeks
Guarantee period: 10 years
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