Wrought iron underframe


Price: from 1764$ per piece

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Vendor code: КПП-3

Underframe in the form of tree bark

The graceful forged underframe is made in the style of root plastic, inherent in carpentry. The base of the table very vividly imitates the texture of the bark of sagittarius A large cross-cut or longitudinal cut of a tree can be used as an ideal tabletop for this product. An excellent solution for those who choose an environmental theme.
The design of the item is developed for a specific interior.

Blacksmith’s workshop Art Forge will make a copy of the underframe or individual work according to your sketch.

Style: Ecostyle

The furniture item is made by experienced blacksmiths using the hot forging method.
Two component epoxy based paints.

Manufacturing time: from 2 weeks
Guarantee period: 10 years
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