Calla wrought iron fences


Price: from 1400$ per sq.m.

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Vendor code: ОК-58

Wonderful art nouveau fences. This style gives the master an excellent opportunity to show his skills without limiting it to strict frameworks and giving free rein to the imagination. A feature of this railing is a rather massive invitation, as well as a large floral pattern in the form of calla flowers. Also of interest is the unusual shape of the handrail, which, following the ornament, turns into a spiral at the end.
Our designers and blacksmiths will make fences, taking into account all the features of your interior

Style: Art Nouveau

Railings are assembled from hot-forged elements by clamping, riveting and welding.
Material: rolled steel.
For indoor use: Temacoat and Temadur two-component systems
For exterior design: Galvanized zinc, ship enamel, patina, acid primer

Manufacturing time: from 3 weeks
Guarantee period: 5 years
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