Wrought iron railing dragonfly


Price: from 1800$ per sq.m.

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Vendor code: ОК-72

Laconic luxury fencing can be called the embodiment of style and aesthetics. A massive, complex-shaped invitation goes into a lattice, the only decoration of which are oval inserts of colored glass. There is a sense of thoughtfulness and clarity in every detail of this minimalistic composition. These railings are suitable for those who can appreciate the beauty hidden in the outer simplicity. Our artists will make a special project for your interior, and experienced blacksmiths will complete everything efficiently and on time.

Style: Art Deco

The railings are made by hand hot forging. The assembly of the product is carried out using welding.
Material: rolled steel, glass
For indoor use: Temacoat and Temadur two-component systems
For outdoor use: Galvanized, patinated, acidic primer

Manufacturing time: from 1 month
Guarantee period: 6 years
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