Wrought iron gate Naiad


Price: from 1380$ per sq.m.

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Vendor code: ВК-58

Graceful and lightweight rococo gate. The combination of gilding and a translucent background evokes fabulous motives. Intricate curls, wonderful forged rosettes, decorative mesh all create a delicate openwork pattern. The twisted bars of the lattice are an excellent addition, each face of which reflects light and resembles precious beads. Our artists and blacksmiths will help you choose and make products that are right for you.

Style: Rococo

The gates are created by hand hot forging and embossing. Laser cutting is applied. Equipping with automatic equipment is provided.
Material: steel rolled metal, profile pipe, strip, sheet, square, circle.
The assembly is carried out by welding and fittings threaded connections, rivets and clamps.
Galvanized, acid primer, gilding, patina, ship enamel.

Manufacturing time: from 1 month
Guarantee period: 5 years
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