Forged balcony Asiris


Price: from 1790$ per r.m.

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Vendor code: БК-48

The luxurious rich ornament of this lattice can become both a part of a rich home decoration in a classic style and a wonderful decoration for a modern mansion. A dense pattern of curls looks monumental and impressive, twisted rods, complemented by voluminous baskets, add playfulness and shine, and a light upper edging crowns the composition. This results in a stable and harmonious structure that exhibits ideal proportions.
Our craftsmen will make for you unique pieces inspired by this work.
A good option for decorating private residences, country clubs or hotels.

Style: Empire style

The balconies are created by the hands of the best blacksmiths. The filling is made from a solid square bar and a strip of various sections. Forged elements are used as decor.
The assembly is carried out for welding, rivets, clamps and threaded connections.
Galvanized, acid primer, ship enamel. Without applying a zinc layer, special industrial paints or powder coating are used.

Manufacturing time: from 2 months
Guarantee period: 10 years
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