Galaxy balcony


Price: from 1180$ per r.m.

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Vendor code: БК-60

An original balcony created in a mixture of styles. The use of volutes, flower rosettes, voluminous leaves, symmetry, all this reminds of baroque. However, we also see soft curves, interweaving, rejection of rigid silhouettes in favor of more natural and flowing ones, in this regard, it is impossible not to note the strong influence of modernity on this composition. Overall, the combination of eclectic elements creates a solemn and harmonious look.
Our designers and craftsmen will prepare a project for you based on this work.
An interesting option for decorating houses, mansions and country clubs.

Style: Eclecticism

Products are created by hands of experienced blacksmiths, followed by installation by qualified installers.
Installation of the structure is carried out using welded and threaded connections, on clamps and rivets.
Zinc, two-component paints and enamels, patina.

Manufacturing time: from 3 weeks
Guarantee period: 8 years
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