Forged balcony Niva


Price: from 1240$ per r.m.

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Vendor code: БК-23

Stunning flower-strewn balcony. A light ornament in the form of an openwork mesh, located in the central part, is balanced on the sides by a dense plant pattern. The playfulness and airiness of the grille is accentuated by the light color palette. Curved lines add expression and dynamics.
The artists and craftsmen of our creative studio will make a wonderful project based on this composition.
An interesting choice for decorating houses, private and club residences of small storeys.

Style: Rococo

The balconies are made by the best specialists. The filling is forged from a solid bar and strip of different sections, sheet metal. Forged elements are used as decor.
The assembly is carried out for welding. The installation method is selected in accordance with the materials, mainly by means of a fitter’s threaded connection.
Galvanized, two-component acid primer and ship enamel.

Manufacturing time: from 4 weeks
Guarantee period: 8 years
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