Wrought iron balcony Cornucopia


Price: from 1280$ per r.m.

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Vendor code: БК-43

Intricate fences of author’s design. The luxurious central ornament resembles the jets of a fantastic fountain. An interesting combination of different curls and spirals, shapes taken from different styles, yet harmoniously combined, creates a sense of opulence and wealth. The framing in the form of a large mesh, reminiscent of a knight’s chain mail or a seine from a fairy tale, completes the image.
Our artists and blacksmiths will do the work for you inspired by this composition.
An excellent solution for decorating the exteriors of mansions, country clubs and residences.

Style: Author's

Fences are made by blacksmiths of the highest category. The drawing is forged from solid steel rolled metal.
The assembly of the structure is carried out on clamps and rivets, using welded and threaded connections.
Galvanized zinc, special enamels and paints for metal, patina.

Manufacturing time: from 1 month
Guarantee period: 5 years
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