Forged chimney in the Art Nouveau style

Кованый дымник в стиле модерн

Price: from 1316$ per piece

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Pipe cap

An original chimney made by hand by blacksmiths according to artists’ sketches. The product serves to protect chimneys and ventilation shafts from atmospheric precipitation, various kinds of debris. In addition, it protects brick and concrete from which the pipes are laid from destruction. The drawing of the lattice of the cap is replete with interesting artistic solutions, in the form of forging, flowers and curls.

We can prepare an individual project for you, as well as carry out its execution in our own workshop.

Style: Modern

The deflector is created by the hand of blacksmiths. Material: steel, rolled metal of various sizes. The use of copper and stainless steel is possible.
Hot-dip galvanized, two-component epoxy resin systems.

Manufacturing time: from 14 days
Guarantee period: 5 years
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