Forged cap in Art Deco style

Дефлектор на трубу в стиле Ар Деко

Price: from 1040$ for 1 pc.

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Metal chimney

The forged hood, designed to protect the chimney from snow, rain, birds, branches and leaves of trees, is made in the Art Deco style. In addition, it protects the brickwork of fireplace and ventilation pipes. The product is richly dashingly twisted curls, leaves and forging.

We offer the development and forging of designer metal deflectors.

Style: Art Deco

The chimney is made using hot forging. The material used was steel round, square and sheet metal products. Copper and stainless steel can be used.

Galvanized, acidic zinc primer and ship enamel.

Manufacturing time: from 2 weeks
Guarantee period: 10 years
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