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Knightly sword of the Middle Ages

A real knightly sword from the high Middle Ages. Replicas of the legendary weapons of Western Europe are made in accordance with traditional weapons-forging methods using modern technologies and materials. Samples of this type had straight blades of various sections from a simple diamond-shaped, to double-edged with one wide or narrow lobes. Longitudinal edges along the blades served as stiffeners.
Ephesus of swords consists of a handle, a guard, a pommel.

Style: European

All products of this type are forged manually by experienced blacksmiths gunsmiths from structural spring-spring steel grades 65G and 70G. After forging the workpiece, hardening is done. This achieves a hardness of 50 HRC. After that, sharpening and polishing is performed.

Manufacturing time: From 14 days
Guarantee period: 3 years
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