Forged fence Taurus


Price: from 900$ per sq.m.

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Vendor code: ЗНК-43

Unique fence in the author’s style. The attention is drawn to the thorough study of all the elements, the ideally thought out composition. Such products can become an original decoration and addition to your home and site. Artists and masters of the Art Kuznets creative workshop will help you become the owner of this work.

Style: Eclecticism

The product is made by hand. The frame is assembled from a strip, the filling is forged from a solid square bar or assembled from a rolled square. Casting or forged elements are used as decoration.
The assembly is carried out on a welded joint, installation depending on the installation site, mainly by means of a locksmith screw fastening
Galvanized, two-component acid primer and ship paint. Without applying a zinc layer, special industrial enamels or powder coating are used.

Manufacturing time: from 2 months
Guarantee period: 10 years
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