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Warforged Ax

North European battle ax. Artistic replica.
This weapon has a number of differences from the chopping tools of other peoples, from which it is distinguished by a wide diverging blade, relatively thin with large side cheeks. The ratio of the width of the web to its length was approximately 4: 5, sometimes slightly more.
The birthplace of these axes were the territories of modern Norway and Sweden. Influenced by the spread of the Normans in the 10th and 11th centuries, they spread to England, Ireland and the lands of the future France. The squads in Russia armed themselves with them in the second half of the tenth century.

Style: Scandinavian

These products are forged by hand by high-class blacksmiths gunsmiths from tool alloy steel 9XC or structural spring-spring 65G and 70G. After forging the workpiece, quenching and tempering is done. This achieves hardness up to 60 HRC. After that, sharpening and polishing is performed.

Manufacturing time: From 7 days
Guarantee period: 2 years
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