Red rooster


Price: from 3800$ per piece

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Vendor code: СМ-6

A sculpture created by a blacksmith artist Oleg Turkovsky.
The creative direction associated with the manufacture of metal sculptural compositions of birds, animals, reptiles and fish is not limited by patterns and rules. However, there are quite a few craftsmen working in this segment.
Unique projects can use a variety of materials such as metal, glass, clay, wood and stone.
We offer the production of beautiful works of art that can be a wonderful decoration for urban spaces, shopping and entertainment centers, restaurants, hotels or residential complexes.

Style: Realism

The composition is completely handcrafted using age-old blacksmithing traditions and proprietary technologies.
Painting, varnishing the surface after assembly.

Manufacturing time: from 3 weeks
Guarantee period: 10 years
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