The little Prince


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A sculpture created by the talented metal artist Oleg Turkovsky.
It is filled with deep meaning and subtle emotions. In it, everyone will see and feel something of their own. The notes sound here
In individual projects, it is possible to add different materials such as glass, clay, wood and stone.

Few have not read the well-known fairy tale by ANTOINE DE SENTE EXUPERI.
Even fewer are those who have not heard the phrase: “We are responsible for those who have tamed.”
I read it for the first time as a child. Then I understood a lot literally. I didn’t understand a lot. Now, having read it again, everything appears in a different light. Hopelessness, sadness, wisdom Fox. The femininity of the rose. And such an adult Little Prince.

And now a little about work:
The Prince, the Rose, I hope they are recognizable, but I added the Fox to them. Even though he stayed on Earth.
Therefore, I placed them with their backs to each other. The fox will always be waiting for him. Even knowing that he will never come.
The prince is sad and serious. He finally returned home, but what he learned from his journey made him grow up …
The planet, with the exception of 3 volcanoes, is empty and lifeless. Not because it was difficult for me to make a couple of craters or put the same box with a lamb. No, this is only to emphasize the character of the characters.

I fit all this into Rose. She has only 4 thorns, she has nothing more to defend herself with from the outside world. Small Universe on the Tree of Life.

The character of each of my characters is – Love. In different forms, but alive and real.

Take care of those you have tamed. Love them. And they, like a Rose, will give you tenderness and Love.

Based on the work of Antoine Saint-Exupery
“The little Prince”

Style: Author's

The composition is completely handmade from steel using our own technologies.
Surface varnishing after assembly, patina.

Manufacturing time: from 3 weeks
Guarantee period: 10 years
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