Brazier Ship


Price: from 6400$ per piece

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Wrought iron grill

Thematic art brazier in the form of a fishing trawler, which can be a real gift for people engaged in the fishing industry. This product of engineering thought, if necessary, can be used for its intended purpose, for frying delicious kebabs. This beautiful product is the result of the work of the Art Kuznitsa workshop specialists. Both blacksmithing and metalworking methods of metal processing were used. The deckhouse of the ship is a cover under which there is a box. A firebox is arranged in the lower part of the structure.
A good solution for attracting attention by placing near restaurants and cafes of seaside towns.

Style: Modeling

The work is done by experienced blacksmiths. Material: steel rolled metal. Combines with treated wood on request.
Applying varnish to the prepared surface. Localized oxidation, priming and heat resistant paints.

Manufacturing time: from 1 month
Guarantee period: 5 years
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