Wrought iron barbecue Nautilus


Price: from 8200$ per piece

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Vendor code: МГК-4

An artistic brazier made in the form of a fantastic submarine, the images of which are inspired by the novels of Jules Verne and the works of modern designers. Author: Belarusian master Alexander Malashenko. This item can be a great gift for connoisseurs of aesthetic handmade. To create, blacksmith and metalworking methods of metal processing are used. The sub’s cockpit acts as a brazier box lid. A firebox can be arranged in the lower part of the structure.
A good solution for attracting attention by placing near restaurants and cafes of resort towns.

Style: Steampunk

The product is made by experienced professionals. Material: steel rolled metal. Combines with wood and stone on request.
Applying varnish to the prepared surface. Local oxidation, priming, heat resistant paints and patina.

Manufacturing time: from 49 days
Guarantee period: 5 years
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