New Baroque gate

Ворота в стиле Новое Барокко
Ворота в стиле Новое Барокко

Price: from 2565$ per sq.m.

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Mixed style wrought iron gates

Luxurious gate with a wicket, made in a mixture of classic and modern styles. In the artistic composition, one can discern elements of Baroque and Art Nouveau, the edging of the doors with meanders, adding Greek flavor, but at the same time not making ethnic shades.

Art Forge offers the production of unique author’s products and artistic interpretations of famous works.

Style: neoclassicism

Gates and wickets are handmade and equipped with an automatic opening system. The frame is made of a thick-walled profile pipe, the plane is made of a sheet of steel, decorative elements, linings and tops are made by hot forging from steel rolled metal, a flat ornament is cut out with a laser. The decor is mounted by means of a metalwork screw connection, which excludes the appearance of corrosion.
Galvanized, two-component acid primer and marine enamel. Special paints Temacoat and Temadur are used without galvanizing.

Manufacturing time: From 2 months
Guarantee period: 10 years
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