Forged railings


Price: from 1180$ per sq.m.

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Vendor code: ОК-51

Simple, at first glance seemingly almost ascetic fences look stylish and original. The refined ornament in the form of bent ears does not contain any superfluous details. Inspired by the ideas of Art Nouveau, the masters created a composition that almost does not contain right angles and lines. The minimalism of the ornament fully pays off with its natural beauty and natural grace.
Our blacksmiths and designers will create a fence for you that best suits the architecture and interior of your home.

Style: Modern

Railings are assembled from hot-forged elements by joining with clamps and welding.
Material: rolled steel
For internal use: Finnish two-component enamels
Outdoor: Galvanized

Manufacturing time: from 3 weeks
Guarantee period: 5 years
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