Persian Pegasus


Price: from 36000$ per piece

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A stunning sculpture created from scrap metal by the famous Iranian artist Hassan Novrozi. This artistic direction is very diverse, and most often it contains works in the steampunk style. Building a metal animal zoo requires a lot of labor and a focused team of artists, welders and blacksmiths.
In individual creative projects it is possible to use various materials such as metal, glass, clay, wood and stone. We offer the production of an artistic interpretation of a famous product for decorating urban spaces, shopping and entertainment centers, restaurants, hotels or residential complexes.

Style: Steampunk

The sculpture was made by a highly qualified specialist by welding and assembling ferrous metal scrap parts. Used sheets, strips, car parts, gears, chains, wrenches, springs and bearings.
Surface varnishing after assembly.

Manufacturing time: from 5 months
Guarantee period: 50 years
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