Petit Palais wrought iron fence


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Artistic forging of stair railings

Stair railing of the Lesser Palais in Paris (Petit Palais, French Petit Palais) with a unique invitation. One of the most famous artistic blacksmiths in the world, designed by Charles Giraud. The palace complex was built for the 1900 world exhibition, at which the famous Russian sculpture Mertslov’s Palm, forged by a blacksmith from Donetsk, was awarded the Grand Prix, and is still kept at the Mining University in St. Petersburg.
We offer the production of a replica of an outstanding product in exact accordance or artistic interpretation.

Style: Art Nouveau

The railings are made by hot forging and casting. Material: steel rolled metal, cast iron. Copper, brass, stainless steel can be used.
For indoor use: Temacoat and Temadur two-component systems
Outdoor: Galvanized and 2K acid primer and marine enamel.

Manufacturing time: From 3 months
Guarantee period: 50 years
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