Candlestick Viking


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Forged candlestick made in the Norman style. An unusual piece of art containing images of jewelry, weapons and utensils of the Scandinavian peoples. All elements are hand-made using traditional blacksmithing techniques and techniques. A good solution for decorating a study or apartment. A bottle holder or ashtray can be forged to complement the items. The idea and execution of the blacksmith Mikhail Slavin.
You can buy an interpretation or a copy of the product from us.

Style: Scandinavian

The three-candlestick is forged using old techniques, assembled by welding and rivets. Material: steel. Square, strip, sheet. Forging from stainless steel, copper or brass is possible.
Local oxidation, varnish.

Manufacturing time: from 3 days
Guarantee period: 12 years
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