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Vendor code: КОС-5

Forged dining table with a large round table top. Classic forging, quite simple. The underframe is neat and clean. It does not show traces of blacksmith texture and there is no hammer effect. Steel posts and brackets are forged into a smooth, rounded shape. For the countertop, it is desirable to use hardwood impregnated with oil or stain, followed by varnishing. Oak, walnut, beech, ash, cherry, elm, pear, hornbeam or birch are recommended.
Beautiful in its minimalism, this item will adorn the kitchen interior. Especially complete with chairs endowed with soft pillows and a rack for the kitchen, with rings for bottles of wine and champagne.
Especially for you, we can repeat this work in exact accordance or our own interpretation.

Style: Classicism

The products are handcrafted by experienced professionals. The frame and legs are forged from a solid bar. The assembly is carried out using welding equipment.
The painting is carried out with high-quality two-component paints of European manufacturers. Patination.

Manufacturing time: from 4 weeks
Guarantee period: 10 years
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