Stair Railing Chateau Chantilly


Price: from 2800$ per r.m.

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Unique railings

The sumptuous staircase of the Chantilly castle is one of the greatest masterpieces of art forging. The structure, made without the use of pillars, is supported by a massive metal spiral pattern, decorated with lilies and crowns, which are royal symbols, forged oak leaves and military paraphernalia.
Special attention is drawn to the invitation with large steel and brass forged acanths, topped with a cast ram’s head.
We can make a replica of a unique handrail in the form of a copy or free interpretation.

Style: Baroque

The railings are made by hot forging and casting. Material: steel rolled metal, brass. The use of copper, brass, bronze is possible.
For indoor use: professional varnishes for metal
For outdoor use: Galvanized zinc, 2K acid primer and marine enamel.

Manufacturing time: From 4 months
Guarantee period: 55 years
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