Old chest


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Forged brazier made in the form of an old chest. All details are carefully finished. The strip bordering the product is attached to the planes with rivets that play a decorative role. This item can be a good gift for connoisseurs of historical adventures and those who draw inspiration from romance of chivalry. To create, blacksmith and metalworking methods of metal processing are used. The chest lid covers the brazier box. A woodshed can be arranged in the lower part of the structure.
When placing it near a cafe or restaurant, people passing by will certainly turn their attention to it.

Style: Romanesque

The product is made by experienced blacksmiths. Material: steel rolled metal. Combines with wood and stone on request.
Applying varnish to the prepared surface. Local oxidation, priming, heat resistant paints and patina.

Manufacturing time: from 2 weeks
Guarantee period: 5 years
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