Arbor forged Stella


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Oval gazebo in a simplified pseudo-classical style with a domed vault

The design is distinguished by a roof resembling an elongated dome and an abundance of diagonal gratings with rounded corners. In a small amount there are forged parts in the form of rings, currencies and curls, as well as braces and additional decorations in the form of flowers, leaves and monograms may be present in the drawing. The density of the forged rods gives a visible massiveness, and the volume of the upper part creates a sense of monumentality. If desired, it provides for hidden wiring and fastening of lighting devices.

In the manufacture of the gazebo, steel rolled metal is used: a simple or rolled metal profile pipe, a square unforged by hot forging, a strip, decorative elements: forging, clamps, pillar bases, spikes, balls, rivets, acanthus. The cross-section of rolled products and the application of the texture of the material by forging is calculated individually, depending on the parameters, the place of installation and the surrounding area.

Anti-corrosion protection options:
1. Galvanizing, followed by painting with two-component industrial compositions;
2. Priming and painting with professional primers and enamels;
3. Sandblasting, preparation and coating with polymer powder paints

Dimensions: according to the project, taking into account the peculiarities of the site and landscape.

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