Stenbock-Fermor Visor


Price: from 2800$ per sq.m.

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Vendor code: КК-13

A beautiful wrought-iron canopy adorning the former Stenbock-Fermor tenement house, built in 1902, designed by architect L.P.Shishko. The amazing ornament consists of graceful curls alternating with luxurious, masterfully forged poppies. As befits Art Nouveau, this pattern tries to get as close as possible to natural forms, so you can see that one of the mounts is made in the shape of a flower, which, as if by chance, caught on the supporting structure. Such interesting and exquisite details turn ordinary blacksmith’s products into true masterpieces.
With the help of our artists and blacksmiths, you can become the owner of a replica or artistic interpretation of famous works.

Style: Modern

The frame and decorations of the decorative canopy are hand forged by professionals with many years of experience. Unique forging details are used as decoration.
The assembly is carried out for welding, clamps and rivets. Installation depending on the attachment point, mainly by means of a fitter’s screw connection.
Two-component industrial primers and paints. Patination.

Manufacturing time: from 2 months
Guarantee period: 8 years
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