Wrought iron gates Morozko


Price: from 1800$ per sq.m.

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Vendor code: ВК-57

A beautiful gateway that shows a combination of classic and modern style. A laconic, clear ornament of simple twigs, restrained curls and symmetrical rosettes seems to be entwined with a wonderful plant. Green and gold leaves and intertwining stems enliven the monotonous rhythm of the lattice, giving it originality and natural grace. Our designers and blacksmiths can create for you a unique artistic solution in strict accordance or close author’s style.

Style: Eclecticism

Products are produced by hand hot forging and minting. Equipping with automatic equipment is provided.
Material: steel rolled metal, profile pipe, strip, sheet, square, circle.
The assembly is carried out by welding and fittings threaded connections, rivets and clamps.
Galvanized, acid primer, patina, ship enamel.

Manufacturing time: from 5 weeks
Guarantee period: 5 years
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